Convert XML-gzip-data for HSMWorks

Convert from NC-data(*.nc) and Tool-library information to XML-gzip-data(*.tpgz).
When this XML-gzip-data file is imported by HSMWorks, you can do machining simulation.
This convert is out of support of HSMWorks. Please use it at your own risk.
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  1. Select NC-data(*.nc) for upload::

      NC-Origin in CAD ::  X  Y  Z     Keep 0 0 0 when NC-origin is the same as CAD-origin.

  2. Select Tool library(*.hsmlib)::
    Copy from Tool Library dialog and paste the next text area::

  3. HSMWorks version.    

  4. Upload NC-data and tool-library. Then make and download data.tpgz.

The calculation is force to stop when it need too much time.